Preparation of the DG parcel and documents in accordance with IATA DGRstarts from 50 EUR
DG shipment control and preparation of documents in accordance with IATA DGRstarts from 30 EUR

If the table does not contain information about the service you are looking for, please feel free to contact me. The given prices are approximate and depend primarily on the size of the shipment and the time needed to perform the service properly. In some cases, it may be necessary to add additional fees. However, we always set the price before starting the service. Our clients’ comfort is our priority.

Who needs IATA DGR service in Poland?

IATA is an International Air Transport Association associating almost 300 airlines from around the world. It regulates, among others, the transport of dangerous goods by air.

Dangerous goods transported this way are accepted only if the method of preparation of the shipment together with the necessary documentation is confirmed by a person trained in this field. Consequently , this means that only a person with such rights can sign the DGD (Dangerous Goods Declaration) document, which is the basis for this type of transport.

When to use the IATA DGR service?

If you regularly send dangerous goods this way, it is best to train your staff in this field. However, it happens that:

  • you order the pickup of a dangerous goods parcel from a Polish customer who does not want to train staff in this regard;
  • the company sends only a few parcels of this type per year;
  • due to the characteristics of the company’s operations, it is considered that staff training in this area is unreasonable;
  • staff, due to their specialization in a different industry, do not want to be responsible for such a transport operation.

In these and many other situations you will benefit a lot when you use the offer of a specialist trained in accordance with IATA DGR.

The most important benefit is reaction time

Wherever air transport is chosen, its biggest advantage is time. Therefore, to take advantage of this advantage 100% in a situation where staff are not trained in accordance with IATA DGR, the best solution is to take this offer. We are a professional supplier of IATA DGR service in Poland.