DGSA Service / Price per vehiclefrom 30 EUR
Accident report from 50 EUR
ADR Training / Price per trained personfrom 50 EUR
DGSA Cconsultingfrom 50 EUR

If the service you are looking for is missing from the table, please contact us.

We issue an invoice for each of our services

DGSA Service based on the advisor training certificate No. 2426/2020. We are on the list of advisors kept by the Transport Technical Supervision.

We also provide consulting services in the air transport of dangerous goods (based on the IATA DGR certificate).

DGSA Service

Who needs to appoint a Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser? Anyone who carries out the transport of dangerous goods by road or the loading or unloading related to the transport. The legal basis is the provisions of the ADR Agreement and national law. In practice, it is often stated that if the transport (loading or unloading) is carried out by a vehicle marked with orange plates, it probably means that a DGSA must be designated.

This obligation does not apply to persons operating on the basis of ADR exemptions, however, such companies still have to provide their personnel with appropriate ADR training.

If you are unsure whether your company or your partner’s company should appoint a DGSA, please contact us.

Consulting pack

Our standard service includes:

  • consulting on the transport of dangerous goods, requirements related to packing, loading, filling or unloading dangerous goods,

  • assistance in the classification of dangerous goods,

  • assistance in marking parcels and applying warning labelspomoc przy oznakowaniu przesyłek i stosowaniu nalepek ostrzegawczych,

  • preparation of annual ADR reports (required by the authorities in Poland),

  • preparation of accident reports,

  • organization of internal training for the company’s employees.

When necessary – or at the client’s request – we conclude a clear DGSA consulting agreement with no hidden costs. We set all costs at the very beginning of cooperation.

Benefits package

Our clients receive:

  • perfect contact whenever a DGSA Service is needed,

  • low price depending on the scale of the company’s operations,

  • certainty that all legal obligations have been met,

  • increased safety when handling dangerous goods,

  • higher productivity of employees working with dangerous goods.

We adapt our services to the client’s needs. We are ready to prepare a special offer that will meet the highest requirements. We are also happy to prepare such an offer for your company. For this purpose, please contact us.

dgsa service

DGSA Service at your disposal

Whenever you need it


We know that Dangerous Goods issues are not always obvious, so we are happy to answer any questions that may arise in relation to the above topic. We are also available by calling +48 729 447 545.